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The questions regarding access define communities of all kinds. Who is allowed to have access, who is not, and who decides about it? With our audio series, the University of the Arts Tour 2023 becomes a stage for contemporary discourses around access.

Three thematic areas - science, culture, and justice - have been defined for this course. The guests who speak are people with different professional backgrounds, levels of education, and perspectives. Accordingly, the audio series offers a wide variety of possible access questions within the three selected topics.

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English trancriptions

To make our project accessible to as many people as possible, we offer an English translation of all podcasts. This way, we also want to give non-german speakers the opportunity to get an insight into our work. You can find the transcriptions of the contributions here:

Is theatre accessible?

Check your Habitus

Do we still need opera?

Administration processes

Access and design

Access and art

Art works of Johannes Büttner

Classism and club culture

Ministry of Compassion

Who talks about class?

Lucy Fricke: Her path to success

People open doors

Defiance, will and stubbornness

For more empathy

Future Heritage

The Last Generation, Part 1

The Last Generation, Part 2

The Other Garden

UdK-Rundgang and access

Access to the UdK